I completed my Ph.D. at the Electrical Engineering faculty at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. The subject of my thesis was the recovery the three-dimensional (3D) distribution of aerosols and water droplets in the the atmosphere. The thesis had a theoretical side, where I developed 3D single-scattering tomography1 and later co-developed multi-scattering tomography2. The thesis had a very large experimental side where I built several camera networks to collect data and prove the feasibility of our methods.

Below is a screen-cast demonstrating the GUI I developed for controlling the camera network:

Here is time-lapse of the a whole day captured by the camera network:

Here is an example of water cloud distribution recovered from images captured using the camera network:

Below is a clip showcasing the sprinklers action. The sprinklers are used for removing dust that accumulates on the glass dome:

Here is the latest (5th generation) camera network which enabled radiometric measurements, was waterproof and equipped with water sprinklers that cleaned the camera lens from dust. The camera network was deployed on and around Mount Carmel which can be seen in the background. image-title-here

And here is the 1st generation camera network used in our first experiments3: First generation Camera Network

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